The Academy of Horsemanship,


Lessons, & Equicentric 4-H Club

    Course-Walkers offers three separate horsemanship programs: (1) The Academy of Horsemanship; (2) lessons, and (3) our 4-H club, Equicentric.

     It is not necessary to own a horse to participate in any of these programs.  All three programs are distinct from each other and there is no requirement to be in one in order to do another.


     (1) Course-Walkers Academy of Horsemanship offers instruction in beginning, intermediate and advanced horsemanship, with an emphasis on learning how to work with horses safely and effectively and to care for them knowledgeably and responsibly.  Instruction and supervision are not limited to lesson times; students at the Academy are guaranteed ongoing education whenever they are on the premises.  Since good horsemanship is good horsemanship, whatever you choose to do with a horse, there is considerable overlap in the skills required for different activities.  During the school year, The Academy is open to students Monday - Friday 3:30 - 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  These hours are expanded at no extra charge during the summer.

     The Academy program at Stewart Creek focuses on the following areas:

         * Horse knowledge

         * Basic riding skills in both English and Western

         * Classical and Western dressage

         * Basic jumping skills up to 2'6", both in an arena and in the open

         * Seasonal recreational trail riding

         * Trail obstacles

     The program includes: regular lessons; a general curriculum of foundation work appropriate to each level; conditioning work/exercises for both horses and humans; instruction in the specifics of a variety of riding disciplines, and clinics, workships, field trips, and participation in riding events appropriate to the skills of the students on and off the farm throughout the year.

     It is our overall aim to help students of horsemanship begin to understand how much time and energy it takes, first, to make significant progress, second, to maintain and hine their skills, and third, to prpare for and participate in riding events of all kinds, including competitions, in a meaningful way.

     Enrollment in the Academy is open to children 9 and up, and costs $200.00 per month.


     (2) Lessons cover the same material as The Academy, but at a slower pace.  Lessons are open to anyone ages 8 and up, and cost $25.00 per student per hour.


     (3) Equicentric 4-H Club.  4-H is a national youth development program, administered in the State of Oregon by Oregon State University.  Our local extension office is located at: 505 N. Columbia River Hwy., St. Helens, OR 97051, Tel. 503-397-3462,  Woody Davis manages the program and Kara Orr manages the office.  They can answer questions and direct you to on-line information.

     4-H clubs are formed by 4-H volunteer leaders to provide 4-H members with guidance and instruction in a wide variety of projects ranging from Archery to Veterinary Science.  Equicentric is a Horse and Pony Project club.  Three main events related to the Horse and Pony project take place during the year: Horse Classic (February); Youth Fair (May) and County Fair (July).

     Equicentric is a non-riding 4-H club.  We focus on building knowledge and improving literacy skills as our members prepare to compete in Horse Classic.  Horse Classic is a non-riding, knowledge-based competition in the following areas:

     Hippology: developing a broad general knowledge of horses and horsemanship.

     Horsebowl: competitive quizzing.

     Presentations: research, note-taking, preparing visual aids and making oral presentations.

     Public Speaking: tips and techniques for engaging and holding an audience, and making effective points.

     Group Problem Solving: team work and creativity.

     Judging: comparing, contrasting and ranking a variety of topics ranging from breeds to performance, and how to defend your choices.

     Youth Fair and County Fair focus on showing a horse or pony.  Equicentric does not prepare members for the riding activities of the Horse and Pony project.  If your child wishes to compete in 4-H riding events, you are responsible for providing your own horse, training, tack, transportation and supervision of your child as needed.  Course-Walkers does not lease, loan or transport either horses or tack for these activities.  

     Equicentric 4-H club meets most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. and most Sundays from 2:30 - 4:00 p.m.  

     Enrollment in 4-H is open to children starting 4th - 12th grade and costs $30/year.  Equicentric meetings are free.